Facebook ads for Inflation.ie surprised us…

Publicpolicy is already pretty active on Twitter, so for the launch of their content marketing microsite, Inflation.ie, we decided to give Facebook a whirl. We ran a series of ads targeting different age groups and interests. The overall goal was to drive conversions on the microsite – not just visits to the landing page – but completed questionnaires and viewing of results on page 2.

Some of the results may surprise you!

We found the top performing groups to be over 55’s and 18-25 year olds.

Who would have thought that 18-25 year olds were so interested in their personal cost of living?  And over 55’s, one could naturally assume that they are so busy spending their money that they wouldn’t care! But we put this down to the quiz like nature of the microsite.  These two age groups both have the time to take and share quizzes on their favourite social networking site.

We found women were more interested overall, but the best performing ad group of all was this one: for 18-25 year old men:

Inflation Ad 18-25 men

Because inflation.ie has a question for vegetarians, we decided to run a fun ad targeting veggies and vegans:

Inflation Ad veggie women


Inflation.ie – Another Thought Provoking Piece Of Content Marketing From Publicpolicy.ie

Publicpolicy.ie is not just your average independent economic think tank!  Not only do they produce heaps of insightful economic data, but they are generous with it too. They don’t just sit on their results, content to publish the odd white paper or two.  Since its inception in 2012, Publicpolicy.ie has been digitally focused, with a content rich self-managed website, an extremely popular blog, and many interesting content marketing elements all designed to get the Irish public thinking about policy issues.

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