Edelman released its survey of Irish marketers which I always think is really interesting because it’s so hard to come by relevant statistics for our little island. If you believed everything in the media, we’re all snapping our way to success.  But this is more like the reality I know for my clients:

social media landscape 2016

I’m delighted to note that 70% of Irish marketers plan to increase their spend on social this year.

Twitter remains the platform most likely to see an increase in activity, whilst Snapchat and Instagram see the biggest percentage change from 2015 results.

It seems that marketers are also switching on to Influencer Marketing – something we’ve been doing for clients well since about the end of 2014.

Video is noted as important, with 97% planning to increase its use in their marketing plans in 2016. But don’t get too excited as that’s coming from a low base.

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