Marryrose Lyons of BrightsparkMaryrose Lyons, Social Media Consultant & Founder of Brightspark

“I’ve been doing digital marketing since 1999, I was there when social media started. An early adopter, I was excited very early on about the potential for shaking up the way we do business and interact online.”


You can relax when you’ve got the specialists at Brightspark looking after your social media, because we take the stress out of social!  We spend a lot of time staying on top of all the latest platform, technology and cultural changes, so you can be assured of up-to-the-minute advice. 


 We have an expert understanding of what works for the market and your business, and we create social media strategies that get results. Not only do we create the strategy, but we can also embed the processes so you manage your social media management in-house.

 We have an excellent reputation for social media strategy, content, and execution, a long-standing heritage in the community. Check out the blog where we share our latest thinking, plus the case studies where we share results.


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If you already have someone looking after your social media and are not getting the results, we can do better. If you’ve got a team managing social and you’re not sure how to guide them, we can help. If you know you need to do social, but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place.  If you are sitting on heaps of content that isn’t going anywhere, we can definitely ignite it!

Social media is our passion. Get in touch and let’s ignite yours.

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