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Facebook Ads + Google Ads = Leads

Ads on the Google search results and networks are triggered by a user’s keyword search. They put your business forward when there is already a demand. Ads on social media are triggered by targeting you choose. They put your business in front of users with the exact characteristics of those who buy from you.

  • Google Adwords / PPC can bring instant traffic and business, no waiting around for SEO to kick in.
  • Social media ads can bring your business to where your audience is already hanging out.


Internet ads have overtaken print since 2015.

Facebook has been ‘pay to play’ since 2014.

Instagram is one of the hottest places to reach the elusive 18-34 age group since 2017.

Brightspark has been doing social media and ppc ads since they were invented.

Google owns half the internet; Facebook the other half.

Brightspark can play on both sides and will recommend on the best mix of Google and social ads for your business.

Remarketing campaigns deliver the best conversion rates by targeting visitors who have already visited your website, or engaged with your social content.

Customers often need on average of six interactions with your website before they buy, this is one of the main reasons why remarketing is great for conversion.


Talk to us today about how Google PPC, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram ads can be best used to deliver returns for your business.


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