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Brightspark is unique. They offer strategy and training. They came in, got to know the agency and then recommended on strategy. One of the greatest benefits they provided was instilling confidence in our team that we were doing social media right.

Alan Breen, Head of Communications, Tusla - Child & Family Agency

Refreshingly honest, common sense approach. What we got was specific learning, definitive templates to work from, practical advice, guru-like guidance. Everything we needed to put the theory into reality and plans.

Roisin Gilroy, Chief Marketing Officer, Irish League of Credit Unions

In our business it’s hard to get people in - the course taught us to define and target our customer personas. It’s made all the difference. We ran a lead generator ad on Facebook and got 91 new customers in 2 weeks!

Theresa Hannon, Marketing Manager

Maryrose from Brightspark is so up to-the-minute as she combines her consultancy with training. Her passion comes across and she really inspired the 25 start-ups from various sectors who took part in our Springboard Enterprise Development Programme.

Cairín O'Connor, Development Director, Docklands Innovation

When I started the course I was a complete beginner. I took my time and completed it in two months. I took notes along the way to help me. The course exceeded my expectations. I feel very confident now about using social media.

Mary Frehill, Entrepreneur, Springboard Graduate
Staying Ahead In A Competitive Landscape

It’s admittedly tough to keep up in this fast changing environment – let alone thrive within it, even for those for whom social media is part of their job role. Regular, consistent posting on Facebook or Twitter no longer automatically yield the kind of results the boss is after.  Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn are taking over if you believe everything in the media. And that is why having access to good quality, frequently updated social media training is essential now more than ever.

Give Yourself The Edge

With the right kind of training, you’ll be able to ensure you’re promoting to the right customers, catch market trends as they begin and run with them as they happen. Without it, you might find yourself caught off guard, lagging behind your competition, and finding your business paying dearly for even the slightest oversight. This is where Brightspark can help.

At Brightspark Consulting we specialise in all things social media – from strategy and promotion to practical mentoring and training.  We are so passionate about helping people with social media that we set up an online course that distills everything we know about the subject into a flexible learning programme.  Get the information you need at your own pace rather than having to worry about taking regular time off to attend training, or worse – lose your evenings to a weary commute across town for night classes with a set curriculum.

Besides, as we’re talking about the constantly changing and evolving online environment here, that naturally seems the best place in which to hold training sessions! Likewise, my training is being updated daily. You don’t have to worry about learning content that may be out of date because I’m always monitoring the online environment and adapting my training to suit.

Learn In Real Time, Not In Theory

Think of it as learning on the job. Rather than sitting at a desk in a classroom, only reading up on vague theoretical concepts, I’ll guide you through the application of your social media skills in real situations, rather than simply telling you about them and sending you on your way.

Knowing the secrets to using social media effectively will not only save you the stress of trying to work this stuff out by yourself, but will also save you money on outsourcing them for someone else to take care of it all for you.

Increasingly social media is becoming just an expected task in everyday work skill sets. Lots of people have realised this and have already come to me for help in preparing them for changing online trends before they’re caught unawares like Martin. By joining them today, you can ensure you’re not left playing catch-up in a competitive environment.

Suited for all experience levels…

Whether you already consider yourself experienced at social or have next to no knowledge of how social media works, this course will bring you up to speed, mixing the basics – such as writing a simple, effective tweet – with tricks you may not be aware of.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t just about getting the most ‘likes’. But don’t worry; it’s not exactly rocket science either! My aim is to remove the daunting proposition facing you and show that using social media for valuable gains in business can be easier than you might think, providing you know what you’re doing. Facebook Ads, Facebook Live, Instagram posts, LinkedIn, YouTube… I can help you get confident and proficient in using them all.


LinkedIn training


Tackle It As A Team

If you currently lead a team, or see yourself doing so in the future, then these skills will prove just as valuable to those you’re managing because you will be able to pass on your knowledge to them. Or you might choose to get your team trained in social media as a group? Digital transformation within teams is a key management objective for 2018.

Benefits of social media training for teams

By bringing everyone up to date on social  media, you’ll see collective productivity and effectiveness shoot through the roof when your team knows the tricks to use to reach a wider audience, produce greater responses and generate real leads.


facebook ads training


Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

I’ve been doing social media since it was invented. As a social media practitioner, I have experience of delivering campaigns and getting results for clients in multiple sectors, including retail, travel and tourism. My new ‘hospitality edition’ of this social media training course comes packed with templates and ‘cheatsheets’ designed to help you capture new accommodation, conference and events business, and more!

By signing up, you’ll have access to my high quality video tutorials (more detailed and user-focused than the simple voice over slide-decks you might find elsewhere), as well as exclusive access to extensive course materials and new modules that will extend your learning potential even further.

Take this opportunity for quality online training! You will become a pro in all aspects of social media marketing.  Plus you will have access to a private member’s community where you can get all your extra questions answered by me within 24 hours.


social media strategy


So let’s talk about what topics are covered…

The Curriculum

First, there’s the free trial content, focusing on building the best LinkedIn profile ever  and why this is  important. You’re welcome to enjoy this, totally free trial content before deciding whether the overall course is right for you.

I believe you’ll be impressed and will want to know more!

Getting the basics right: Goals & Objectives

The real meat of the course begins with what might seem the most basic question: What is Social Media? Why are demographics and statistics so important to consider? And how they can be applied to your own social media needs.

I’ll answer these questions, taking you through each in detail, before moving on to the importance of forward planning. Setting goals and objectives are as important when it comes to social media marketing as in any other area of business and I’ll show you how to set realistic goals for your social media activity – not just counting page likes!


instagram training


Handling Social Media Strategically

Hand in hand with this is strategy. There are different approaches to be used whether we’re dealing with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, among other social media websites, and it’s crucial to know what works best with each.

Of course, the meat of your social media success will be content. Knowing the audience you’re targeting is one thing; you then need to be able to hook them in with the content provided and make them a customer who likes what you’re offering.

Entice them not only with words, but with appropriate videos, images, links, infographics and illustrations. I’ll show you the content hierarchy for each of the networks.

Knowing how to effectively plan social media content is crucial. Where and when you post something affects the amount of attention you’ll gather, but what you post is as vital, if not more so. You’ll want to make the most of those opportunities to potentially greatly increase your customer base. Fresh, snappy content is decisive in making that fantastic first impression.

Posting too much, or too little, content can also be detrimental. There is a crucial balance to be struck here that many others struggle with, but I believe my winning formula can bring you the success you’re striving for. Get it right and you certainly won’t be looking back.


content training


Email: An Effective Tool To Drive Conversions

Using email effectively is also part of this. Emails aren’t merely a method for quick communications between colleagues or friends. They can be vital in providing consistent communication to your customers, keeping them updated and, of course, interested in current offers and deals being offered. Again, a mixture of good timing and fresh content is crucial in getting the right responses to your emails. Before you know it, you’ll be able to set up automated emails in advance that yield top results and have the difficult  work done for you!

Strong Web Content

When you do attract potential customers to your website, you’ll need to hook them with good copy for your web pages. I can help you with that too, providing top recommendations for the best copywriting techniques and tricks for the web.

Online Social Media Training is the obvious way to go.

With the pressures to get it right and constraints on your time, a flexible online course is the most beneficial mode of training. My social media training is the best you’re going to find.

But you don’t have to take my word for it; check out these testimonials and reviews from people I’ve helped who were also desperate to improve their social media skills and not get left behind in competitive industries.

Dental House – Irish chain of dentists

Omoma – Saudi Arabian Parenting Site

Quinola – French Food Brand

Vagabond Tours Of Ireland – Irish travel company – hotels for the wedding industry

I believe I can help you as I helped them, and I believe, if you take this course, one day you’ll also be telling one of those success stories!

Maryrose Lyons, Brightspark Academy