Social Media Strategy Mistakes You Definitely Want To Avoid

  1. Not having a Social Media Strategy. You’ve got to have a plan, because otherwise, how are you going to know if you’re reaching your goals? If you’re still flailing around posting content and wondering why you’re not getting anywhere, this is why!
  2. Having a plan but tracking the wrong thing. You have to track the right metrics at the right stages of the funnel.  Don’t track everything as you’ll get bogged down in data. Pick the right metrics, measure them, and let them teach you how to delight your audience.
  3. Not using the full power of the platforms. This is an important one. Use the features the platforms give you and they will give you a little boost. Try to be open to new additions as soon as they arrive. Make a decision as to whether they are right for your business or brand, and if they are – embrace!
  4. Selling too hard. It’s not about selling in Social, it’s about building trust, so when people will know like and trust you, hopefully they will buy from you.
  5. Thinking it’s free…it’s not. Social media costs money (but if you’re looking for a cheap YouTube starter kit, we’ve got it all listed here!). You have to have a budget for ads and all that wonderful content needs to be created and scheduled, which takes time. And that brings me onto my last point…
  6. Thinking Social Media is easy! It can be, but you absolutely need someone to show you how to do it right.  Plus you must be consistent.

Luckily, I can help you! I’ve a Social Media course all about creating your strategy. It will show you how to set up the best Social Media Strategy that will give you the kind of results you’ve always wanted but maybe never got? It’s just €99! Check it out!

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