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It’s not just about pretty pictures. Social media content management must be consistent in order to achieve results.

Search online for social media content management and you’ll find hundreds, thousands even, who want to help you make your content. What we are about here at Brightspark is consistency.
We can turn you into a social media content machine.

It takes more than just pretty pictures, clever captions, and smart video action. It’s about creating processes to consistently execute, and tell the stories from all sides of your business.

Let’s get creative and produce content for you:

  • Short form stories content (15 second video / images)
  • Live video
  • Video
  • Images, infographics, gifs, and memes

Where Brightspark can add value is by creating processes to ensure you do it right, every time, all of the time.

Our team of in-house video, copywriting, and designers can lift the quality of your output. We’re bursting with ideas. And we can coach, produce, and shoot you to make you look good all of the time.


82% of consumers want to read content from brands, as long as it provides value.

78% of people say a companies’ social media posts influence their purchasing decisions.


When we’ve worked together to turn you into a social media content machine, the next step is to propel and distribute that content – and we’ve got the edge in that too! Check out our Facebook and Instagram ads offer.


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