The social media awards for 2016 will soon be upon us, and I want to influence the judges!

That’s right. I would like the judges to take note of the following:

social media awards 2016

These are the finalists in the category of Small Business (Managed In House) 2015.

Note that 2 out of the 7 finalists are violating the Facebook rules for managing competitions, including the winner

Back in 2013, Facebook removed the restriction for promotions to be run by app only. It was declared that you can run promotions on your page, but you can only run like & comment, and not like & share.

Yes! For anyone whose feed is regularly spammed by friends sharing posts in order to win crap prizes, this might be news to you.

The full set of rules is available on the Facebook for business page, here are the key points:

facebook competition rules

Interestingly, the small business managed Facebook Pages fared better than the Medium sized ones:


social media awards 2016


The Point?  Social Media Judges – Please Take Note…

If you’re planning on judging the social media awards this year, good on you!  If you happen to notice “like & share” spam in the Facebook entries, do the decent thing and mark them down for that. There are lots of small, medium and large businesses out there who take care to do things right, even if it makes it harder to score on engagement.

It can’t be easy co-ordinating all the volunteer judges of the social media awards. And the very thing I love the most about the Mulley awards series is that they are peer reviewed. Awards don’t get handed out just because you’re buying large tables at the awards ceremony, or because you have a large email list for garnering votes. The intention is that awards go to the best entries, through volunteer peer review.

Let’s keep it that way!


The very important small print…

I thought long and hard before publishing this post. It is not intended to be mean spirited or to take away from any of the winners who I’m sure scored highly based on lots of other factors. I am not dissing the event organisers who do a brilliant job, year in, year out. It’s not sour grapes – heads up, a client of mine was in the finals last year and didn’t win, but that’s not why I’m writing this. It is simply intended to, in some way, raise the game of our (let’s face it!) national awards for social media!  I find it a bit embarrassing that we reward like & sharers.  Don’t you?

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