Loving this hook up of Groupon and Snapchat: Snapchat with its ephemeral messaging (that has been used for limited time offers) and Groupon that specialises in limited time offers.

Groupon started using Snapchat (under the Groupon.com account) in August to promote an offer with rapper Wiz Khalifa.

  • They first got users to follow Groupon on Snapchat.
  • Then they sent out a Snap to announce the deal, and the first person to see the Snap could buy the deal for $4.20.
  • The prize, ‘the likes of which no money can buy’ (always a winner for social competitions) included tickets and a meet and greet with Wiz Khalifa at one of his big gigs in August in Colorado.

The deal sold out less than two minutes after the Snap was sent.

  • Within 15 minutes, there were 700 people clickthroughs to the Groupon page
  • There were more than 250 screenshots of the deal
  • 1,000 message exchanges between Groupon and it’s Snapchat users.


Snapchat Groupon

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