Snapchat has wormed its way into our daily lives and is slowly becoming a vital way to communicate,  and some would argue the only way.

Perhaps the most fun thing about the app, and most used, are the Snapchat filters. Don’t worry, this post is going to show you exactly how to use them, so you can wave sayonara to your fuddy duddy Snapchat ways and embrace a whole new you. A you that barfs rainbows, makes you sound like a bee, or look like your furry pet.  Ready?  Let’s begin.

Snapchat ghost barfing rainbows


Snapchat filters are a great way for you to embrace your inner quirkiness.

Two Types Of Snapchat Filters

  1. Lens-Filters: Transforms your mundane selfie into something wacky
  2. Geo-Filters: Overlaid illustrations that are specific to your location

1.  How To Get Snapchat Filters (The Lens Ones)

  • Update the app. Ok now this may sound on par with an IT guy asking ‘have you tried turning it off and on again?’ but I promise you, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to miss. Just go to your app store, find Snapchat, click update and voila!

snapchat filters update

  • Get selfie ready. The lens only applies to your front facing camera so get ready to see a lot of face. Whether you’re feeling your look or sending this out for public consumption, you’ll want to be fresh and red carpet ready. Stick on a bit of slap, brush your moustache, throw some flowers in your hair, whatever you feel like.

snapchat filters flowers

  • Hold your phone vertically. Stare into the camera like you’d stare into the window of a cake shop. A small circle should appear once the app has located your face.
  • Press the button. And hold it down. The app will map out your face and a bunch of filters will appear just above your camera button. So make like you’re on Tinder and swipe right. This will show what the lenses will actually look like on you.

snapchat filters face map

  • Have fun! Then when you’re satisfied, hit the camera button and send it out! You can use the lenses in conjunction with the usual text and emojis. It’s the perfect recipe to rock your Snapchat game. Always BEE you.

snapchat filters bee

2.  Snapchat Geofilters

These illustrated overlays are simple and easy to use and can only be accessed depending on your location, hence the ‘geo’. All you do is snap your pics and swipe right. And for you fancy snappers, if you keep your thumb held on the picture and swipe again, you can double up your geofilters!

Geofilters are based on five different things:
  • Location. Based on where you are, you can overlay art related to whatever country, city or landmark you’re in. The snap below was taken in our office on the East Wall Road.

snapchat filters location

  • Time. Let your friends know what time you’re snapping.

snapchat filters time


  • Temperature. Use this one to show the temperature from where you are. You can tap it to change it from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

snapchat filters temperature

  • Speed. Travelling and want to show off? Please use this when on public transport or in the passenger seat. Don’t snap and drive.

snapchat filters speed


  • Tones. Ever wondered what you’d look like in a silent movie? Or a Clint Eastwood blockbuster? Use the black and white, sepia or even saturated filters to see.

Scsnapchat filters black and white

  • Speedy Uppy, or Slow. It. Down.  You can alter speeds, which can be fun when working with children or animals. Just record your video, swipe right and it will give you the options.

snapchat speed up slow down

You Can Even Create Your Own Filters

Make and then submit to the big wigs of Snapchat for approval. It’s an excellent way to celebrate your local town, a landmark close to you or even an event like a wedding.

There are two types of geofilters you can utilise.



On-Demand geofilters means you can design and create geofilters and have your submission accepted within one business day for a hefty fee – which isn’t communicated, so it’s probably €50,000!  This is handy if you’re a big brand with a massive budget and money is no issue.  You can also create filters of specific branding and trademarks.

We’ve mainly seen movies do these to celebrate releases, like “Finding Dory” which was recently released. We haven’t seen any for music festivals, or other big sporting events.


If timing isn’t an issue then you should consider this route. You can spend time to curate an original geofilter of your choice and submit it to Snapchat for approval. Snapchat advises that you create a geofilter for a location where people are likely to send and share snaps such as festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury. Businesses and office buildings are not currently eligible and it is unlikely they would be accepted.

Coachella filter

Guidelines For Submitting A Community Geofilter

  • Graphics must be original. No photographs. Be creative and compelling.
  • No trademarks or logos, unless authorised by an official.
  • No hashtags. But make sure it’s relevant to the location.
  • Don’t cover up too much of the screen.
  • Files should be 1080px wides and under 300KB (for PNGs).

That’s All Folks…

Snapchat filters are your friend. Have fun with them and your audience will too. Use them in conjunction with snappy text and emojis and you’re well on the way to Snapchat royalty. And in Snapchat filters world, that means you get to wear a gummy bear crown.

snapchat filters gummy bears

No worms, bees, or flower petals have been harmed in the making of this post.

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