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It’s great when a project comes along that combines a worthy cause, the smartest minds, and a blank white page to begin from.

I’ve been working with the Irish Fiscal Policy Research Centre to create a website that will house the research and thinking that is sure to become the ‘goto’ place for Irish people when they want to get information. There is a lot of noise around the key economic and political issues of the day – that affect all of us. And it’s so important that we get accurate information if we are to understand and make our own opinions.

Perhaps the best explanation of what this is all about comes from the Chairman himself, Prof. Frank Convery.

In Ibsen’s A Doll’s House , Nora says: “I can’t be satisfied any longer with what most people say, and with what’s in books. I must think out things for myself and try to understand them.”

Our job at is to make “thinking things out” as easy as possible.

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