Forget Facebook or Twitter – King Email is the one with its bum on the cushy throne. It’s the Elvis of the social media world.

king email on the throne

You can’t deny that email is a necessary part of everyday business.

But It Can Also Be An Interrupter

Just take a look at how much time we spend with work emails.

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But even though it interrupts us more than our hourly urge for coffee, in our experience email performs better as a marketing channel than social media. Even Mark Schaefer, content marketing guru, agrees. Look at number one!


Mark Schafer Tweet about King email


So.. Which Is Better?

Email and social media sites are like tea and biscuits, you can’t have one without the other.



5 Reasons We Still Love King Email

  • Content: Email supports all forms of content – audio, visual, text etc. It can also come in all shapes and sizes because you can deliver your content to subscribers in long-form, or indeed keep it short and sweet. Email has more versatility than social in this respect.
  • Sales: while we love social for engagement and brand building, when it comes to sales you can get away with lots more push on email.  People expect you to hang with them and join in their conversations on social; if you come to the party and try to sell too much, it’ll be received with disdain.
  • Reach: having 2,000 email subscribers and 2,000 Facebook fans are completely different things in terms of reach. Plus Facebook’s algorithm (and increasingly Twitter and Instagram) seriously limits your organic reach potential.

Danny Sullivan from Marketing Land stated that only 2% of his Twitter followers see his tweets, compared to the average open rate of his emails – which is 21.73%. Ours is 40.63% by the way!

  • Relationships: Email supports a special kind of consumer relationship. When someone subscribes to your mailing list, it shows their willingness to communicate with you and a certain kind of trust.
  • Clicks: in general people click on emails a lot more frequently than they would on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Check out this infographic from adweek which shows the average click-rates for the various social media sites.


click rates for email and social media



But the number one area where social media outperforms email is engagement.

When you send out an email marketing campaign, unless you’ve got a really clean highly targeted list, it’s unlikely that your subscribers will reply, comment or share it. They may open and read, and you can direct traffic to your blog or podcasts etc but there’s no direct conversation.

On the other hand, if you post something on Facebook or tweet your followers, they can share or retweet, comment and like in seconds. Instant gratification from engagement.  And when enough people do this, your content has the ability to go viral. King Email is lacking in this respect.

Conclusion: Email + Social Media = The Perfect Marketing Formula

Think of email as the Grandaddy and social media as his supportive crutches. Use one with the other to drive conversion and grow your email list. Here’s how:

  • Refocus your social media promotions to be about securing opted-in email addresses
  • Follow up with emails that are about driving the sale
  • Promote and repeat!
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