Limitless results. Limited options.

You’re aware of the great results you can achieve from Instagram Stories. But if you’ve been active on it for a while now, you’ve probably noticed some of its limits! One thing is links. Instagram is less than generous when it comes to places for your links.

  • If you’ve got less than 10,000 followers, you only get one space for a link, that’s in your bio. #linkinbio
  • If you’ve got more than 10,000 followers, you can use the ‘Swipe Up’ feature in your Stories which attaches a link that followers can swipe up to visit.
  • One more option to get people to visit your website is to use Instagram ads.

But if you’ve no budget, here’s a great tip to get a link in that we just worked out…

Instagram stickers my friends.

Get to know them. Learn to love them. And thanks to Brightspark, learn to use them as link click buttons.

For this nifty #InstaHack to work, you’re going to want to use the ‘@Mention’ sticker.

The ‘@Mention’ sticker allows you to tag an Instagram user in your Instagram Stories. When this sticker is tapped, the viewer is taken to the tagged user’s Instagram page. This can be very useful for the smaller Instagram accounts who don’t have the ‘Swipe Up’ option.

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See this hack in action…

This idea came about when we were promoting a special offer for one of our clients, NOAH Veterinary Clinic. With only a couple of weeks on Instagram, we didn’t want them to wait around to hit the magic 10,000 followers and get the swipe up button.

Here’s what we did…

We created an image on Canva to promote the offer.  A regular Insta Stories sized image.  Then we added a ‘@Mention’ sticker over the logo up at the top – and shrunk it down so it wasn’t too visible but still clickable!

Finally, we added a call to action at the bottom of the image – “Click here to book” – with a handdrawn arrow pointing at the logo. When people tap the logo, they are taken to NOAH Veterinary Clinic’s Instagram page where they can clearly see a Book Now link in the bio.

So here’s how it flows…

Story image 1


Story image 2

Notice the small, shrunken ‘@Mention’ sticker over the logo.


Instagram Page With Book Now Link


Who needs 10,000 followers anyway?  After reading this, you don’t!

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If you would like to discover more cool tips like this and learn how to do Instagram like a pro, check out my Instagram & Instagram Stories course for €99:

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