The erase tool has been a staple of Instagram stories since the beginning, but you may often overlook it as you dash to the newest sticker release.  What you may not have known is that apart from getting rid of any mistakes you might have made, the eraser tool can actually create a really cool effect that you can use to stage exciting product launches and reveals.

instagram eraser

Want to know how to do this? ⬆️

First you’re going to make a sequence of stories, with each photo revealing more of the image than the previous one.

Follow these steps:

-Select a photo.

-Choose the pen icon.

-Pick a colour (You can also use the dropper tool to choose a colour from the photo if you’d like).

-Tap and hold on the image to fill the whole screen with the colour.

You will now have a completely coloured screen with an image underneath it just waiting to be revealed! You can type something like “Coming soon…” to build intrigue. This is the first story.

-In the next story, copy the previous one and then choose the eraser tool.

-Erase the coloured background to show part of the image underneath.

You can show parts of the underlying picture little by little in each story.

-For the full reveal, choose the eraser tool again.

-Tap and hold the screen to show the full picture.

instagram eraser instagram eraser instagram eraser instagram eraser instagram eraser

Tada! You’ve just made an eye-catching Instagram story image that is sure to pique your audience’s interest.  It doesn’t take too much time, it just requires a little creativity.

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