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100 social media passionistas came to the Marker on a sunny May evening to raise their game on the social stakes.

Once again, I was invited by Melanie Morris, Editor-In-Chief of IMAGE Magazine to put together some thoughts on how to really up your game in social media. The event took place in May 2015, and I was given the floor for a whole 90 minutes!

At the Digital Masterclasses, we want our attendees to leave armed with a few new skills, and the belief that they can easily up  their game. Maryrose made this possible for all… even me, who being such a luddite, should have been born into the Amish community!

Melanie Morris, Editor-In-Chief, IMAGE Magazine

Whereas in previous talks at IMAGE events, such as the Networking Breakfast, I shared lots of examples that were designed to inspire and delight – this time, I felt there this was the time to really share some of the how’s, the shortcuts, and reveal some of my favourite tools on the job.

On the night, there were well over a hundred in attendance.

The IMAGE team put on really good events, so before I got up to do my thing, guests mingled, enjoying some wine and canapés before being whisked to their seats, delighted with goody bags, and then on the business at hand.

social media masterclass event

{How will I compete with beautiful necklaces from Stella & Dot, and organic VOYA and popcorn snacks I thought…}

I took out my slidedeck and began.

It was really strange. For the next 90 minutes, the packed conference room in the Marker Hotel was silent – except for the sound of my voice! People weren’t really looking at me, they were looking at the screen, or down at their devices or notebooks. You could hear a pin drop. But then, when I finished, they all looked up and gave the biggest cheer and rounds of applause.  There were smiles, thumbs up – I think they loved it!

I took a bit of a risk going full-on hardcore nerdy social media toolism.

But these IMAGE Magazine event women, they were well up for it!  The audience was a mix of business owners, social media executives, digital marketing managers, start-ups, and seasoned entrepreneurs. This talk was not a talk on why the various platforms are good for your business, but a sleeves-up session on how to use them to their best advantage.

Here are the slides, but you really need to hear it from my mouth, and yes I am available for bookings!

If you would like to hire me as a social media speaker at your event, why not get in touch and let’s have a conversation about what you’d like me to cover and how long you’d like me to speak. There is nothing that I love more than speaking about what I love to an audience of people as passsionate about it as me.

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We’ll always get back to you within one business day.



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