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How this got started. What we are about. How you can benefit.

2014: I spent most of the time switching between states of paranoia, fear, and denial.

Paranoia that ‘everyone’ else out there is using every single marketing tool that comes out.  That my digital brothers and sisters are doing in one click what I’m doing by hand, and by brain.  Or I just delete all the emails that arrive in my inbox telling me about wonderful social media and digital marketing tools.



So I knew I needed to DO something. I’m a big believer in sharing the load.  And I suspected I wasn’t the only one out there feeling the same way.

And that is how I came up with the idea of setting up a TOOLSHED.

  • I proposed the idea to Joan Mulvihill, the Queen of the Irish Internet Association.  She loved it.
  • I had a few chats with IIA Social Media Working Group movers and shakers, Eoin Kennedy and Dermot Casey.  They loved it.
  • I roped in a couple of smart people who I met over the course of doing business one week.  (Hi Felicity and Greg)
  • After that it was over to Joan who has invited some of the finest minds from the IIA membership to join.

The IIA Toolshed is a group of individuals who are committed to meeting once every six weeks to properly roadtest social media and marketing tools.  Each session we will consider tools based around a theme, and will commit to taking one each (minimum people reviewing each tool) and seriously roadtesting it.  We will share our results and they will be published, so you, the interested marketer can learn from us, save time testing, and get going with tools that will drive results.

IIA Toolshed List Of Topics

  • March 19 Social Media Publishing
  • April 30   Social Media Monitoring
  • June 11   Social Media Measurement
  • July 23    Design Tools
  • Sept 3     Customer Service
  • Oct 15     Marketing Automation
  • Nov 26    Lean Business Productivity

If you want to keep updated on the results of the tool reviews, you can sign up to my email below.  Or head on over to the IIA and get informed there.

If you are a producer of a tool in any of those areas above, get in touch and we can arrange for yours to be reviewed.

Keep an eye on the IIA blog for the first review, which will be published shortly.

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Image credit: Michael Coghlan on Flickr

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