Are you wearing your new Facebook page template yet?

Facebook has recently launched a lovely new range of Page templates, and if you’re still wearing the original with tabs dating back to the olden days, then it’s time to update for spring/summer 2017!

This post shows you how and includes a couple of nice hacks we worked out that will give your profile added oomph.

Each page template comes with a set of tabs, which can be switched on or off, and jiggled around so that the order meets your needs.

The tabs appear on the left hand side of your Facebook page and I’m going to show you how best to use them, with a couple of nifty little hacks.



Meet The Templates – There Are 7

  1. The Standard Template

Facebook Page Templates

It’s a good idea to separate posts from videos.  If you are producing a lot of video, the repetition here will look a bit weird. I suggest you go with Posts, About, Videos, Photos, Likes.

  1. Shops get to choose from this list of little beauties:

Standard with the addition of Shop, Events, and Reviews.
Want reviews but aren’t a shop?  There’s a handy little hack for you below!

Facebook Shop Templates

We found that many large Irish retail Facebook pages are displaying old and broken tabs. This is most likely caused by over reliance on Hootsuite or similar tool, which means their Social Media Managers rarely visit their Pages, but manage from afar.

 3.  Professional services get the added bonus of being able to list out services and offers

Home | Posts | Photos | Videos | Events | About | Likes | Services | Offers


4.  The Business Template deviates from the Standard template a little by adding an Offers tab. Because the order of display can be dragged and dropped, you can lead with an offer.

Facebook Business Template

  1. The Venues template has an events tab, which can be dragged up top.
    Facebook Venues Template
  2. Restaurant and Cafes gets the standard template with the inclusion of events.  Interesting that it doesn’t come with reviews built in – but I’ve a handy hack down below for getting Reviews in if you need them.

Facebook Restaurant and Cafes Template

  1. And there’s even a specific template especially for politicians.

It’s standard one, with events.

How to access the new look templates


Brightspark’s Top Tips

1.  How To Add Awards

Your page’s Category plays a huge role in what kind of information you can display there. The amount of information on your About tab can change drastically with just a simple category change and for Brightspark’s page, it was setting our category from being primarily a Social Media Agency to a Consulting Agency that highlighted this.

If you set your primary category as Consulting Agency, you get to add Awards! You can input up to three categories for each Facebook Page, so for this to work all you have to change your primary category.

Facebook Page Categories

If you’ve won a lot of awards like we have and you’d like to display them, this is a handy tip!

2. How to Add Reviews 

As promised, here’s how to add Reviews even if your page template doesn’t come with it.

  1. What you need to do is add “Local Business” as a category to your Page.  Click About >> Categories, edit. It doesn’t have to be the primary category, you can keep what you had already.
  2. Activate the tab in your page info by pinpointing your location on the map provided.  Click on ‘show map and check-ins on the page’.

Show Map and Check-ins option


A street address is not necessary, but rather the positioning of that pointer on the map. Move the map around to have it point at the nearest possible place of your Business (as you see we put ours on Dublin).

Make sure to do that as this is the vital part in getting a Reviews Tab!

Try refreshing the page to see if the Reviews tab has appeared after you do this. If it hasn’t, don’t panic. You can head over to Settings and see if it’s available to be activated as one of your Tabs.

Tab Settings Review



We believe that Facebook is trying to lure business over to the platform in 2017, and you’ll probably see more pages becoming more like LinkedIn’s business pages. It’s a good move because Pages on LinkedIn are dead, so why not style up your Facebook Page where the action is and make it really work hard for you?

So what are you waiting for?  Time to switch on to Facebook business templates. Choose the one that’s right for you. Add reviews and awards using the hacks we’ve included. And if you come across any others, do please let us know.

We’ll always get back to you within one business day.


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