Here’s a great article on what’s happening at Facebook and the implications for Social Media Marketing.  Written by Larry Kim, who happens to own a SAAS platform that provides Facebook Messenger services, it still holds a good deal of remarkable insight, and truth.

The key points if you’re in too much of a hurry to read right now with a few of my thoughts thrown in:

  • Zuckerburg has put a whole lot of billionaires out to pasture recently, ie. he’s reshuffling his team and firing most of the key people who worked on the Facebook News Feed.
  • Facebook is changing. The News Feed has reached the end of its influence as a Facebook feature. Everyone know this. Publishers know this. Zuckerburg knows it. My Auntie Edie the 82 year old who’s on Facebook knows this! And since Zuckerburg knows this, Zuckerburg has killed it.
  • This is a really big issue: it has implications from a human point of view on how we consume content, but also from a marketer point of view.  For marketers, it means we have to rethink our strategies (again!) and move away from the Facebook News Feed.
  • If this is happening now for Facebook, you better believe it will happen for Instagram, LinkedIn, and all the rest of them in years to come.

There are a few things you can do now.

Learn more about Messenger Marketing because that’s where everyone’s going.  If you don’t believe me, a mere Irish social media practitioner, check out what loud mouth Gary Vaynerchuck is up to.  He is shifting a lot of his business to Messenger.  Follow him. Follow me. But do something about it. Don’t just wait there.

The key thing is not to keep doing the same thing as you’ve done before!

Because it’s not going to work. If you’re running the same strategy for your marketing since 2015, I can guarantee you are not getting the same results. This is because things change rapidly and if you’re not riding the wave, you get dumped!

Tune in to watch Facebook Live this morning (ie. NOW!!) where I’ll be sharing my thoughts on how you can improve your strategy.  Please join me as I hate talking to myself, and while lots of you watch the replay – you can watch anytime on this link here – it’s nice to have a few people to talk to live!

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