Working closely with us, Brightspark puts together compelling content, without which this would not have been possible.”

Jana Solovjova, Senior Marketing Executive – Digital & Consumer, The Maxol Group

Maxol’s Goals

Maxol’s goal is to align social media with brand values & business objectives. Brightspark was taken on primarily to work with the in-house team to develop its effectiveness in social media.  While previously the Maxol page likes were growing steadily by use of agency created content, engagement levels were quite low.

To improve engagement levels in 2014, Maxol together with Brightspark dramatically overhauled the content strategy for Facebook, changing from a three times a week posting schedule, to five times a day, with a weekly content theme, accompanied by interesting compelling images.

The result saw an immediate uplift in engagement which was achieved at no extra cost than the agency model.

Maxol FB 1

Working with the new customer insights and brand guidelines, Brightspark worked closely with the team at Maxol to deliver content that fans really wanted. Rigorous testing took place to identify optimal post types, time of day posting, and to get in the heads of the fans. Stellar results in the first few weeks confirmed we were on the right track.

In the first quarter of Brightspark and Maxol activity, Facebook Reach increased by 260.6% compared to the previous quarter!
Maxol FB 2 Maxol FB 3

Keeping Fans Appy

Maxol’s Facebook fans love to win prizes! Brightspark tested lots of different promotion mechanics, both app and non app, and used Facebook ads to entice new fans and promote the competitions to existing ones.

In 2014, we ran 32 promotions giving Maxol’s fans the opportunity to win hotel breaks, fuel, and festival tickets. All the time we measured and tested the best methods to motivate and maximise entries.

Maryrose Lyons, Brightspark

When it came to Christmas, Maxol decided to go all out and really reward fans with something special. The #12daymaxolgiveaway was launched on 1 December with the objectives of driving engagement and growing email opt-ins on Facebook, and Twitter followers.

Read Christmas Facebook Case Study here. 

The results were impressive. Huge engagement, as fans clambered to take part in the promotion. Every day they could unlock a new prize, which meant the page got great exposure with these daily visits. The loyal fanbase grew, and the high engagement meant word was spreading:

FB Maxol results 1 FB Maxol results 2

Stellar Results … And We Are Not Making These Up!

In 2014 Brightspark has helped Maxol achieve the following:

  • On page engagement with fans increased dramatically by 858%. 
  • Average monthly reach was in the region of 4,319. Total reach was up 98% on the previous year, meaning that more twice as many people were seeing content from Maxol in 2014.
  • And as a result of all this activity, Page likes grew by 64.3%. This goes to show that you don’t have to target likes in order to increase them.

Maxol FB results

Key Takeaways:

In a year when many brands were struggling to reach their fans on Facebook due to the changes in the algorithm, Maxol moved its focus away from growing likes to securing engagement. This meant creating content that was fun and interesting for the fans, plus running innovative promotions. The strategy was a great success, increasing Maxol’s average engagement to 4,319 in 2014 and amassing around 15,188 new fans.

This was achieved by the team at Maxol who are not afraid to try something different. Maxol has a good relationship with its fans, and good interactions mean that a loyal fanbase has built around the weekly promotions and chat.

Maxol is the top performer on Facebook amongst its direct competitors:

Maxol competitors

Even when compared with the top retail brands in Ireland, Maxol’s engagement positions them consistently in the top:

Maxol competitors 2

In 2012, when we first started using Facebook the focus (similar to any new business page) was on growing the number of page likes. Once we reached a desirable fan base, the focus shifted to engaging with them. Three years on, Maxol now has a community of customers who interact with our brand on a daily basis. Working closely with us, Brightspark help put together compelling content, without which this would not have been possible.”

Jana Solovjova, Senior Marketing Executive – Digital & Consumer, The Maxol Group

Is your company’s Facebook page suffering from lacklustre ‘done by an agency intern-itis’? Fancy some results that will make you look good at the next Board meeting?

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Brightspark helps us put together compelling social media content, and we now have a community of customers who interact with our brand on a daily basis, without Brightspark this would not have been possible.

Jana Solovjova, Digital & Consumer Marketing, The Maxol Group