Facebook Canvas Ads are like little mini landing pages on the Facebook platform. They are only available on mobile and they offer a fully immersive experience, which means that when you click on a Facebook Canvas Ad, it takes up your whole screen. We like that! A lot.

Facebook wants you to stay on Facebook and they give lots of tools to make you stick around. With Canvas ads, you can add images, video, gifs, lots of call to actions.
When you’re on Facebook Canvas Ads, you can click, swipe, engage with the content in any way you like.

Facebook Canvas Ads are a great way for you to tell your brand story. Check out our stories on Instagram, we’ve posted some of our favourite examples.

Top 3 Reasons Why We Love Facebook Canvas Ads?

1. Short time to load
2. It keeps you on Facebook
3. According to Facebook, people spend an average of 30 seconds on them!


What Next?

You’ve got a few options now:

Option 1 – search on Google for everything you can find on Facebook Canvas Ads, set them up. Try and see if you can get them to work.  Possibly make some mistakes along the way…


Option 2 – sign up for my Facebook Ads course for €199. This includes everything you need to know about Facebook Ads, including Canvas Ads. Simply follow the instructions and you’re all set!

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