Reach New People Through Weekender Email Sends

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Want to jazz up your email marketing? It can be as simple as changing the send date.

Email Marketing

Email marketing should still be a major part of your social media strategy, no matter the client. But there are always some cases when it is more beneficial than others. Take our experiment with for example.

email marketing publicpolicy

Publicpolicy Experiment is an interesting case because it engages with two types of reader: policymakers (B2B) and interested consumers (B2C).  In my experience, politics and law are two areas that have not really ‘gone social’.  If you want to reach these people, you’re still looking at email marketing to do it. Our prescription for Publicpolicy is a mix of email marketing and Twitter – with some offline events.

We find we have  a steady number of unique opens on our emails, a core group of around one-third of the overall lists.  We decided to introduce a weekend round-up ezine that brings the month’s blogs and news items together and is delivered on a Saturday morning.  I’m thinking of hitting people while they’re having their coffee and toast. I’m hoping we can reach people who have signed up for the emails because they are interested in the subject matter, but who, to date, haven’t had the headspace to open them during the week when we usually send.

email marketing

This worked very well.  

We did a send on a Saturday and 81% of our regular reader numbers were reached, but interestingly 25% of these were brand new openers, ie. they had never opened (and therefore clicked) on any previous email correspondence from us before.  This is great, because it has enabled us to repackage ourselves in a way that is attractive to a segment of our audience.

The key to all of this of course is good content, and of that, there is no shortage from   If you are marketing to a mixed audience such as this, have you considered repackaging your message to reach inactives from your list?

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If you’ve read this and thought “I want to use this in my strategy, but I wouldn’t know where to begin”, why not get in touch? We are the people you are looking for.  We make you look good, and we make it look easy!

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