4 Effective Email Marketing Tips

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4 fundamental good practices for email marketing.

Email Marketing Is Powerful

We have already discussed this in an earlier blog post. But do you create emails that people will actually open?

All this talk about email fails, here are some tips for email success! Anyone can write an email, but not many can create a successful email campaign. It’s an important difference, so let us walk you through our 4 top email marketing tips, gleaned from years of experience managing email marketing campaigns for Irish clients.


1. Lay It All Out

The first thing you need to decide is what software you want to use to create your emails. Our two favourites here at Brightspark are Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor.

  • The simple difference between the two is price. Mail Chimp has beautiful, easy-to-customise themes with a great (free!) basic package. If you have a small email list (i.e. less than 2,000) it’s perfect.
  • But for larger lists like ours, or if you want more in-depth analytics, Campaign Monitor is your winner. Easy to design themes, in-depth analysis of sent emails and pay-per-campaign pricing means you have total control.

Once you’ve made your choice, have fun with your layout! Play around with the different themes until you find something that conveys your message with well-placed visuals.

2. Make A Promise In Your Subject Line – Then Deliver

The first thing people will see is your subject line. Blogger Brooke Furry nails it when she says “a good subject line should make a promise, and the content of your email should deliver it.”

For example, an email we sent last year had the following subject line:

subject line

As you can see, this gripped the readers. Immediately they began to question whether they should be doing Facebook or not.  We played on their potential insecurities and it paid off with a high open rate of 34.2% (if you don’t mind!)

But the most important thing we did was deliver on our promise:

subject line delivery

It’s simple: think about what will excite someone when reading, then follow through.

3. Write With Personality

There’s nothing worse than sales emails and I’ve always said there is only one company in Ireland that can get away with them, and that’s Ryanair!  If you’re not Ryanair, you need to talk to your customers in a more personable way. Write in your own tone of voice.  Share your knowledge.  Be transparent.  Don’t worry that your clients are all going to try doing things themselves and they won’t need you!  Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants still have queues out the door even though he shows you how to cook his delicious recipes.

BC email header

Our Christmas email is a great example of this. We knew people would be getting countless other seasonal messages and wanted ours to stand out. We showed people we understood their current situation with a touch of humanity. Again we had great results – 27.4% opens.


4. Test Measure Test Measure

Timing is essential.  Try sending your email to different groups of people at different times.  Mix it up with subject lines, feature images, set up little experiments to give you insights on what kind of thing delights your readers.

  • I once tested sending pictures of women to women, and men to women. Then reversed it for men, and discovered that women don’t really mind if they see a pic of a good looking man or woman.  And men?  Take a guess!  They respond better to women.
  • I recently wanted to check that the send time and day I was using on the Brightspark emails still held.  We’d been sending at the same time and day for quite a few years. We found that Wednesday and Thursday emails resulted in more opens and clickthroughs, and people were more likely to open emails sent around 9am and 3pm. Who knows why this is, but it made us change our scheduling options for 2015.

And There You Have It!

It’s an oldie but a goodie. Email marketing is something any business can take advantage of, no matter how big or small you are.  If your list isn’t as strong as you’d like it to be, you can use plugins on your site to encourage sign ups, you can promote it on your social channels, nd (if you’re B2C) at your point of sale.

Here at Brightspark we just love to do email marketing well.  If you want to get set up to do it right, give us a call.  If you know it’s something your clients would love you for, but you haven’t got the time (or skills) to write, contact us today.  2015 is all about outsourcing things you don’t enjoy.  Free yourself up to do something you enjoy.  Be happy!


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