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Mentoring for startups, ready to come to market, with a weak spot in marketing. Or those who have a marketing person and need some help on strategy.

I’m attending a couple of events aimed at start-ups tonight, so I thought I’d do an advance publish of my new Marketing For StartUps Offer.

So you’re ready to launch your new app, product or service? Congratulations.

Now you’re ready to come to market, if you’ve identified a weak spot in the area of marketing, then we can help.
Or maybe you have someone who knows how to implement, and you need some help putting a strategy together?

Our strength is marketing. 

We have been doing digital marketing since 1999.
Since 2006, we’ve been successfully helping B2B and B2C clients engage using social media.
We can give you practical advice on how to grow your customer base by spending as little money as possible.

Digital Marketing Mentoring Package

  • It begins with a 2 hour intensive session where we’ll come up with a plan. You brief us in on who you are targeting and where you’re at with your marketing.  We’ll ask you the questions that will enable us to identify where the gaps are, and we can talk about what needs to be done first. Together, we’ll agree on a to-do list for you to work on before the next session.

  • We recommend 1 hour per week for a period of 6 weeks for the pilot mentoring sessions.  This is for you to experience the value we will deliver – and to implement the strategy and techniques we talked about to get started on your successful marketing campaign. We are confident that you can achieve a lot in that time.
  • In the weekly mentoring sessions, we can help you with any marketing challenges you may have encountered over the week. If you need help on anything like reviewing quotes, submitting proposals, etc. we will do that for you.


Momentum Is Important.  As Is Motivation.  

Part of our role is to provide you with deadlines and deliverables that will ensure you get your marketing plan implemented.  But we are also there to support you and provide motivation at times of blockage or setbacks.

Expand Your Network

We have a huge network of contacts and can hook you up with the best value, most suitable providers in a wide range of areas that provide digital marketing services, such as video production and editing, photography, logo and brand design. We will only introduce you to people and companies we’ve worked with before and whose talent we can vouch for.


The Price?

Regular price is €800.  You can get it if you sign up this month for €700.  That’s nearly 15% in savings already!


Our Guarantee To You:

  • If you are not ready for us, we will tell you after the initial consultation.
  • You will be able to share ideas and the journey with others through a private Facebook Group Page.
  • You will definitely feel you’ve got value for money!


I’ve been a Plato Mentor in the area of Social Media for a year now.  And I have worked with a large number of start-ups over the past decade.  I know there is a need for this service; I’m delighted to be able to share my knowledge with you and guide you to achieve your marketing objectives.

Tomorrow I will update this post with some of the more recent ‘case studies’, or as I prefer to call them “people” I’ve been working with in this manner.

To everyone at the Hothouse Awards tonight, you are ACE!  To James and Jason for organising the Growth Hackers event, yiz are too.  

Image credit: Heisenberg Media

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