Case Studies

Brightspark Academy Testimonial Ingrid
Case Studies

Omoma Case Study

Learn Social Media Like A Pro has helped all kinds of people succeed in social media marketing. Here is how the course helped Project Manager Ingrid to scale up Omoma in the Middle East.

Vagabond Tours of Ireland | Helen Cole

“I highly recommend Brightspark Consulting. We have really enjoyed working with them and hope to continue to work with them going forward.​”

Case Studies

Dental House Case Study

Our online course Learn Social Media Like A Pro helped Dental House convert 91 new customers in just 2 weeks. Don’t believe us? Watch the video to find out how they did it!

Email List Cleaning
Case Studies

Solving Email Deliverability

With Valentine’s day coming up and our list of non-responders growing day by day, we decided to do some old-fashioned email list cleaning… with a twist!

Case Studies

Dental House – February 2017

Meet Theresa. She enrolled in Brightspark Academy’s Learn Social Media Like A Pro course and has seen some amazing results for her company!

Case Studies

Wedding Dates: A Case Study In Romance

Want to become even more razor sharp with your marketing and targeting? Then you should try email list cleaning – it worked well for

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