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Social Media Regulator #nannystate

Over reaction by politicians wanting to be seen to be doing something about an area most of them do not understand.  What a crock of

internet security

How To Keep Your WordPress Site Secure

One woman’s painful journey…! Last week I went public on the fact that the Brightspark content marketing Ireland website had been hacked. A couple of


A Look Back At The Past

In a slightly nostalgic mood here so we’re going to take a look back at Brightspark. It’s been a decade that I’ve been writing this

Brightspark Privacy Policy

This is the Brightspark privacy policy. You can be sure that we will never mess, sell or abuse your email contact details which you have trusted with us.

Flashmob Friday – It’s Back!

For one week only… flashmobs are so out of favour these days. Spotted this one via @martharotter. I like it cos it doesn’t try to


Rise Of The Visual Web

Anyone who is involved in content marketing for Facebook knows that images score the greatest levels of engagement.  But it’s not just on FB –


No Change In 9 Years

Yesterday I learned something about myself.  I am not addicted to Facebook.  Twitter I can take or leave.  I can also exist without email.  But

It’s great when a project comes along that combines a worthy cause, the smartest minds, and a blank white page to begin from. I’ve been

Sing Don’t Shop!

Flashmob Friday has moved to Sunday and now with local super-shopping centre power! Dundrum Town Centre today, “The Hallelujah Choruas”. Thanks to Miriam Joyce for

More on Edgerank

I remember I used to have a sheet somewhere that had the top 10 words that resonated with people online, according to some Harvard Research. 


The Internet of Things

This is a really cool infographic posted by @jangles on Twitter (where all good things come from!) that reminds me of the kind of thing

No Dancing Flashmob

Great idea this one…thanks to @darraghdoyle for bringing it to my screen!

Flashmob Friday – Sydney

Hurray it’s the return of Flashmob Friday and a topical one too.  Check out the Flashmob from Grand Central Station in Sydney yesterday.  (You might


Prime Target For Making Money

My new favourite thing is infographics.  Here’s a lovely one I came across on the We Are Social blog about online Mums. (Can’t link to

Flashmob Friday

Cheese-tastic Cardiff does do, re, me… it’s a bit Billy Barry, but hey it’s not as bad the New York Stock Exchange one:


Verified by Visa FAIL

I take umbrage at being forced to use sites that fail.  Take for example, Verified by Visa.  You’d think a large financial giant like Visa

Irish Facebook Developers

I started a discussion on LinkedIn last week to ask the people about who they rate as good Irish Facebook developers.  I haven’t checked out

Flashmob Friday – Christmas Special

Happy Christmas! This week’s Flashmob was a couple of weeks ago in Orgeon, started off by a lone girl and I do like the non-cheesiness

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