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Checklist For Quick SEO Audit

Audit is a word that sends shivers down every business owner’s spine. But unlike a tax audit, an SEO audit is a process that brings


Bringing It Home: #LocalElections2019

The last in the series on how to use Social Media to win #LocalElection. Ask for the vote. Ask me Anything. How to deal with negative feedback.

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Reclaim Facebook Business Manager Ownership

How to reclaim Facebook business manager ownership of your Facebook Page. What to do today if your agency has claimed ownership of your Page.
reclaim facebook business manager

social media local elections

How To Use Social Media To Win Local Election

In the run up to #LocalElections2019 I’m sharing what I know on how to win using a successful social media campaign. Beginning with platform choice, get your assets in order, and make video.


Facebook News Feed Is Dead

Here’s a great article on what’s happening at Facebook and the implications for Social Media Marketing.

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WhatsApp Business Guide

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that we’ll see business jump on board with WhatsApp in 2019. Ads are coming. Your business needs to be there.  It’s kind of like 2007 and Facebook Marketing. If you missed out on that bonanza, be sure not to do that again!

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Facebook Messenger Marketing Guide

Be one of the first businesses to take advantage of Facebook Messenger Marketing! Of the 70 million businesses on Facebook, less than 1% are using this new tool. All about Messenger bots and subscription messaging.


Facebook Canvas Ads

Facebook Canvas Ads are like little mini landing pages on the Facebook platform. They are only available on mobile and they offer fully immersive experience, which means that when you click on a Facebook Canvas Ad, it takes up your whole screen.


Learn Social Media For Luxury Hotels

We are running a social media and online marketing course for 5 star luxury hotels. Starting this summer, run over 4 weeks, for just €899. Upskill your team for social media success and take on the OTA’s!


New Look LinkedIn Profile 2018

Changes afoot at everyone’s favourite B2B social selling platform (LinkedIn) and here’s what you need to know on the new look LinkedIn profile 2018 edition.

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