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Learn Social Media Elite Edition #2

It’s back! Learn Social Media Like A Pro Elite Edition. Get the learning online with snappy videos and instructional downloads. Back it up and put it into practice with three half-day workshops at The Marker Hotel Dublin.


Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram Stories Ads! Why do you want to use them?
How to use them? What not to do? All this and more.


New LinkedIn Profile Update – May 2018

Whether you’re starting out in your career, recently started a business, or you’re an old hand – you need these 3 tips to get your profile looking right!


Learn Social Media Like A Pro For Teams

Bringing #SocialMediaTransformation to teams. We are delighted to offer teams the ability to transform digital communication, drive social media competence and confidence, and reduce the

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Write For Web

How to adjust your writing style for the online environment. Free video training. Web writing training.

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Watch The Outtakes

I am committed to blogging more through video in 2017. Here’s hoping I’m a bit better in 2017 than I was in these out takes for Brightspark Academy online course.

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Why Now?

Social media is at a moment where it’s moving out of the typing pool, and you owe it to yourself to be sure you know what and why you’re trying to do.

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Where Do All The Leads Go?

How to access your leads generated from Facebook Lead Generation Ads, or Twitter Lead Generation Ads.

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