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social media lead generation ads

Where Do All The Leads Go?

How to access your leads generated from Facebook Lead Generation Ads, or Twitter Lead Generation Ads.

campaign monitor vs mailchimp
Email Marketing

Campaign Monitor vs MailChimp: Who Wins?

Campaign Monitor is to Armani as Mailchimp is to Versace. Which one are you? We’re firmly in the Campaign Monitor camp, here’s why.

Case Studies

Wedding Dates: A Case Study In Romance

Want to become even more razor sharp with your marketing and targeting? Then you should try email list cleaning – it worked well for

Case Studies

Camile Thai: A Tasty Case Study

Camile means perfection in French, and at Camile Thai they really live up to that! We teamed up with the Thai food chain and the results were delicious!

RGDATA Presentation

Slides from the presentation to RGDATA members on 21 September 2016.

Social Media

Words To Use On Social Media

Ever wondered what words work best on Facebook and Twitter! Most sharable and retweetable in list size right here!

should businesses use emoji
Case Studies

Emoji For Christmas

We discuss whether or not you should use Emoji for your businesses social media and show you our use of Emoji in Maxol’s Christmas campaign.

skimming tips
Social Media Speaker

The 6 Skimming Tips You Need

Most of what you write online will not be read! Scary right? Well I’m here to show you how to write for the web to boost your traffic.

Social Media

Twitter Remarketing: A How To Guide

Time to get your snoop on! Twitter remarketing opens up exciting new possibilities for your social media strategy. See what you can do with this powerful new feature.

LinkedIn Groups
Social Media

LinkedIn Groups: Yay Or Nay?

LinkedIn Groups are aimed at connecting like minded professionals. But are they doing what it says on the tin or are they just a waste of time?

Social Media

Tweetdeck: A How To Guide

Finding Twitter confusing lately? Use Tweetdeck to cut through the noise and bring back your enjoyment for Twitter!

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