Here are the best Black Friday 2017 deals for live streaming equipment.

Black Friday 2017 Live Streaming Equipment

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with terrible wifi, you’ll know that Amazon’s Black Friday Sale has already begun. This year it’s running for an entire week. Now is your chance to grab the equipment that will help you finish up 2017 with a social media bang!

2017, the year of the live stream.

You’ve seen how Facebook Live can give your social media the edge it needs and if you haven’t, read our ultimate guide to Facebook Live (and then seriously, sort out that wifi!).

Facebook Live is the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to make video content and it’s still getting more organic reach than any other type of content on Facebook. With Facebook Live you get back what you put in and Black Friday 2017 can give you all you need to make your next live stream the slickest on anyone’s newsfeed.

Invest to be the best.

If you trust me enough to jump straight to buying the products – here’s an Amazon shopping list I’ve compiled of all the equipment mentioned below. Check this each day of the Amazon Black Friday Sale to see if any prices change!

Read on to find out more about each live streaming equipment and why you should buy them this Black Friday. Let me take you through each element of live streaming and give you the best Black Friday offers on live streaming equipment.

Don’t go lite on light.

You don’t want to be sitting in your living room with yellow, incandescent lighting looking like you’ve overdone it on fake tan! House lighting is great for the evenings. Not too bright, not too white. But it looks awful on camera.

What you need is the Toazoe T1195 from PROST. It’s a great LED light for shooting videos and photos. You can adjust the brightness and tone to suit the look you’re going for. It works plugged in or with a battery. The perfect light for beginners or live streamers on the go!

You can pick the Toazoe T1195 up on Amazon for about €33 any given day which is excellent value – but this could change over the next week of Black Friday sales. Fingers crossed for a tasty 20% off which would bring the price down to €26!

Other items you’ll need with the light are a tripod and a power supply or batteries. There’s an excellent tripod on Amazon called the AmazonBasics 127cm (50″) Lightweight Tripod with Bag. Again, perfect for beginners – folds up nicely and slips into a neat bag for you to carry. It’s only €13 today. Could it go down to €10 on Friday?

Then there’s the power supply. You can get a battery and charger for €14.50 – this would be great if you’re on the go a lot. A simple ac adaptor however would do the job, here’s one for €3!

And if you’re thinking of going completely mobile with your live streaming, why not check out the LuMee Duo Phone Case? This is a phone case and a light all in one! No more dull selfies. You won’t have as much control with this light as you would with the Toazoe T1195. But for spontaneous Facebook Lives from your mobile, you need this. It’s currently up on Amazon at €80 – but look back on Friday morning and your face will definitely light up!


You’ve got your lights, now you need a camera.

Your computer’s webcam should suffice – or the camera on your phone or tablet will do if you’re streaming from them. But what if you want to up your game a little? Maybe add a second camera (ooh fancy).

Remember, invest to be the best!

There are advantages to live streaming from your computer – we’ve covered them all here. But a big advantage is that you can use multiple cameras or multiple angles. For this, you’ll need to get yourself a decent external webcam. The Logitech C525 HD 720p is a great webcam and Amazon have it included in their Black Friday sale at only €44!

Click for the visuals – stick for the sound!

It’s true, somebody will click on your live stream because they think it looks good. But they’ll quickly move on if the sound is awful.

Grab yourself a Blue Yeti microphone. Amazon have this included in their Black Friday sale – 30% off! This microphone is easy to use. It works best with desktop but there is an app you can get that lets you connect it to your phone or tablet if you’re live streaming that way.

If you’re an on-the-go live streamer and you just want to use your phone, then you need the Rode Smartlav + Mic. Keep an eye on this great microphone over the next few days! This will ensure your voice is picked up over any background noise or wind – especially if you’re using this to stream outside.


So there you have it.

All the live streaming equipment you need to get this Black Friday 2017! Don’t forget you’ve got a shopping list on Amazon with all of the equipment mentioned in this blog. Keep an eye on this list throughout the week to see the Black Friday prices updated.


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