1.  It all has to begin with buyer persona’s

Who are you marketing to?  What are their painpoints?  How do you solve them? Why do they come to you?  How do they go about researching a buy?  How do they buy? When you know this, you can then start thinking about the type of content that might interest them.

2.  Content planning

Aligning what’s happening in your business with seasonality, market sentiment, and reality.  This generates possible stories and angles that need to be researched and possibly included in your content plan.  Try and select areas for research that will generate the most interest amongst most of your persona’s.

3.  Choose delivery mechanism (and platform)

Now you can start thinking about what way you’re going to deliver the content (format?).  The decision will also be based upon where your persona’s hang out.  It is only now that you should be thinking Twitter/Slideshare/LinkedIn, etc.  Not at the start.


Too many businesses start out with platform first, then work it backwards creating meaningless content that just fills the spaces.


Talk to us today about how you can research and plan your B2B content marketing so that it excites who it’s meant to and achieves its objectives.

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