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It’s more than just a brag to show you’re on a city break! The location sticker is a hard working tool that, when used correctly, will elevate your content outside of your followers and make it possible to be found by a much wider audience.

Aside from just being a fun story feature to use, the location sticker is perfect for gaining targeted exposure on Instagram. When you add a location sticker to your story, your post will show up when someone searches for that location. It will also be included in broader location-based stories on the Explore page. This gives the location sticker the potential to reach people outside of your immediate followers and who otherwise may have never interacted with you.

The goal should be to reach as many relevant people as possible on the Instagram platform, to do this you need to be ultra specific with the location sticker. Here’s why…

Let’s say you were exhibiting at a convention. One of our clients, Aristospray, was recently at the Painters & Decorators Exhibition in the Ricoh Centre in Coventry. As we were looking after all of their social media, we were using the location sticker correctly. You want to tag your location to the smallest possible area, in this case, the building the convention was taking place in.

location sticker instagram location sticker instagram location sticker

Instagram picks up on your location and shows it to people looking at the building location, at the neighbourhood or area, plus the city, the region, the country. If we had only tagged the city for our client, they’d be missing out on all those narrower feed location opportunities for being found.

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How To Edit Location Sticker

You are able to change the way the Instagram Stories location sticker is displayed as well.

Tap on the sticker to scroll through the different options to find one that matches your brand image best.

clock sticker clock sticker clock sticker

You can also edit other stickers such as the clock, weather, and hashtag style.

weather sticker weather sticker weather sticker

Go on – give it a whirl. See what other ways you can make your content look and shine!

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