Prepare for a Twitter battle! The world and its mother was tweeting about the Father Ted 20 year anniversary yesterday and naturally Aer Lingus wanted to get in on the action:

Ryanair saw the chance for a quick dig at its competitor and didn’t hold back:


Aer Lingus was a little slow to respond but created a scathing image of its own:

Ryanair got the last word with another quick Photoshop jab:

Usually we don’t recommend public Twitter brawls, but this one was quite funny. A little Father Ted humour is always appreciated and these lads have a history of sparring so nothing new there.


Is There Any Good To A Twitter Battle?

A tasteful Twitter battle between rival companies can be a really good thing for both businesses involved when done correctly. It gives your business exposure, coverage and shows your customers that your business has a sense of humour.

These social media battles have been seen plenty of times before. One of the best example of this was the feud between Old Spice and Taco Bell in America.

twitter battle

twitter battle

Old Spice made a comment about Taco Bell’s “fire sauce” recipe only to have it blow up in their face. They then tried a typical Old Spice response but it was clear to everyone who won this battle.

The outcome doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, real people saw this and retweeted thousands of times. This gave great exposure for both companies as well as enabling them to show they have a lighter side.

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