My key takeaways from the KBC Internet Trends Conference, the annual event where crystal ball gazer Mary Meeker tells us where it’s going and usually gets it right!  View all 117 slides here, or peruse my faves below:

internet trends conference 2013


Brightspark’s 10 cent worth:

We know that.  As businesses wishing to get our message out there to  customers and clients, this means that we now have to make sharable content and distribute it in little chunks.  Be where your audience are: if they’re all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google… then you have to be too!  The good news for B2B is that you can now leave Facebook out of the mix… but turn your attention to LinkedIn which in my opinion has really come on in the past 12 months (no longer the preserve of sales people and recruiters) and Google + for search purposes.

Pictures & Video BOOM!

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 14.21.03


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Would You Look At That?

Vine is massively growing – despite the fact that many people find it to be a battery sucking clunky app that hangs a lot during uploading. I can’t recall the early days of Twitter being that unstable.



Top 10 Social Media Platforms 2013

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Brightspark’s 12 cents worth:

No surprises here: Facebook fatigue is setting in.  Pictures and video rule (YouTube up, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram massively up).  LinkedIn a more valuable space.  And Google + is on the rise – at least for SEO purposes!   One to watch: MySpace – is it rising from the ashes?


Mobile in Asia

More people access the web in China and South Korea from their mobile than their PC (since Q4 2012). Here’s China:

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 14.31.56

Just as we’re all getting used to mobiles, “along comes tablets”
Now that’s what I call disruptive!

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I love this slide!

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 14.36.56


Wearables, drivables, flyables… are where it’s going to be at… really soon.  People may laugh at Google Glass wearers, but so did they laugh at the idea that anyone would want a computer in their home!


What I find most interesting are the ideas forward about how we’re now living in such a connected world, that it’s hard to hide.

This  can be a bad thing (if you’re being bullied, or if you’ve screwed up)… but consider how wonderful it is when we all get together for a cause – check out The 1% Difference just launched yesterday. Interesting campaign to get everyone in Ireland  to give 1% to any charity. Surely we can all afford that?  No matter how strapped.  And the really good thing is that you can donate your time if you have no money.  I’m waiting to find out more on how from them on Twitter.  But I really think this is a great idea, not just because of the funds it might raise for a whole load of charities, but because it normalises charitable giving.  And that’s a great thing.




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