I’m not happy with my current GP – there is an awfully high level of staff turnover.  You never see the same person twice, no continuity, which makes me a bit nervous when it comes to whole view of your health.  So I took a little look to find another doctor in the same area of Dublin, and I have to say – they mostly score very badly.

How Do You Search For A GP In Dublin?

    • You could go for the listings route.  There are plenty of healthcare portals about – WhatClinic.com (formerly Reva Health) being the obvious choice.  A quick search on here for Doctors in Dublin 3 generates these results – 2 paid listings (one of which is the CRC which isn’t a GP), neither have any ratings/recommendations.  I don’t trust that.

The unpaid listings contain 11 GP’s – many are unclaimed by their owners, and only 2 have ratings. If a listing on a portal (healthcare, area listings) is unclaimed, it’s as worthless as a telephone book.

  • Search the forums.  This makes a lot more sense, so I typed a search into Google “anyone recommend a doctor in Dublin 3”. Sure enough, two parenting forums came up, one for Indians in Ireland, and a weddings forum (where the community is more interested in how “good looking” the doctor is!!).

Forums are where the real sales happen.

I’ve said it time and again that forums are the real social media platforms to hit if you want to make sales!  And searching for a doctor in Dublin proves this yet again.

Boards had a discussion around 2011 that was closed down by the Moderator who claimed that people wanted to “have a go at some doctor”.  Tsk – sometimes the Mods on Boards are too quick to intervene.  If you look at the posts that went before his hasty shutdown, you’ll see that it was a discussion, not an attack, and as a Clontarf local, much of this is not news, I’ve heard it before.  Sad when Boards is more mindful of medically fuelled law suits than a frank and open discussion on things.

Rollercoaster had a lone voice asking for advice back in January 2013. God help her.

  • Real Life Intuition – there was one name that came up a couple of times and – actually had a couple of real-sounding customer reviews written about them – so I picked up the phone and called. I was answered by helpful, warm and informative person, and not someone who sounds like they’re trying to move a wasp out of their mouth! It’s very close to my home, and price-wise, it’s €5 less than I have been paying. So off I go tomorrow, I’ll update this post on how to find a doctor in Dublin after I’ve been there.

To Sum Up – And If You Are A Doctor / GP – Take Note:

  1. Take the time out to visit every listings portal for Dublin / healthcare and claim your listing.
  2. No harm in setting up your LinkedIn profile and reaching out to colleagues, staff, and friends.  Lots of people use LinkedIn as a first port of call for everything.
  3. Make a short list of several patients who are happy with you, and ask them if they’d be happy to rate your service.  I know, you’re a GP and like our learned friends, the lawyers, this is not natural to you… but asking for feedback is an important part of every business, and you are running a business aren’t you?  I’ll write another post shortly on how to ask for feedback in a gentle way.
  4. Introduce a process so that patients who are sitting around in your waiting room as prompted to rate your service.  I know this could be dangerous if they are sitting waiting for a long time, but people like me would be happy to have something to do – and you might be pleasantly surprised!!  (And if you can start stocking non-sailing magazines from after 2010, that’d be great!)
  5. Talk to us and get us to do all of that for you.

Anyone got any comments?

What has been your experience of searching for a GP in Dublin?  I’m sure if you’re new to a city, it can be hard to find a good doctor.  You are more likely to rely on online listings.  I wish you luck.  And if you’ve stumbled across this post, I hope you find it helpful.


Image Credit: DIAC Images