As part of my ‘learn and do something new every week’ routine, I jazzed up my LinkedIn profile a bit by adding logos to the companies I’ve worked for.   The small bit of colour helps. It’s quite easy to do.

Want to find out how to add a logo to your LinkedIn profile?

add logos to linkedin profile

But first, before you do anything, go to your LinkedIn settings (top right), privacy controls, and turn OFF your activity broadcasts.  The first time I did this, I overlooked that and in the following days, kept getting congratulations from kindly minded people about my  ‘new’ job. (Every job you edit shows up in your feed as a new role!).

To add company logos to your LinkedIn profile,  just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Click on Edit Profile.


Step 2: In the Experience section, click Add Position. The following form will appear.



Step 3: As you type in Company Name, a drop down list of options will appear. These are all businesses that have registered LinkedIn pages. If your company is there, you can select it.



Step 4: Once you’ve completed the form, hit Save. Your logo should automatically appear beside the detail. There you go!



If the company you are looking for doesn’t appear on the dropdown list, then it needs a company page.  If it’s your company, you can create one in a couple of seconds. That is the only way (right now) that LinkedIn allows you to display company logos on your profile. If you’re working for a company however, you need to request from them to add a logo.

Thoughts? It makes sense and means there aren’t going to be any incorrect logos floating around. It does mean though that if you work for a company that closed down before making a profile, you simply cannot add a nice shiny logo.  But hey, that’s a #firstworldproblem.

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