Then you’ll surely be going to Offset on 21-23 March?  I’ve never been before, but anyone I’ve ever spoken to who has gone, goes all starry eyed and smiley and tends to GUSH about how great it is.  Wisdom of crowds, they can’t be all wrong.  So this year I’m coming out of hibernation and I want to enjoy opening my brain to amazing design.


Early bird tickets cost €165 (full price is €180) but if group early birds are €137.50 – that’s really good value.  That works out at around €40 per day instead of €60 per day full price.   Heidi Jermyn and I are going.  We are looking for 4 others to join our little group of ‘savings conscious design lovers’ and get the cheaper price.

You don’t have to hang out with us at Offset!

Although we are crazy kids and always have a great time : )

There are all sorts of creative minds going to be showing and telling and talking – illustrators, artists, graphic designers, publishers, animators, … I don’t ‘do’ any of those things, but I do enjoy consuming them.  And I can’t wait for a whole 3 days of thinking and looking and viewing and opening my brain up.

If you want to join our merry band, you can comment below.  Hit me on Twitter. Or whatever way takes your fancy.

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