Email has been around for a very long time. BCC (blind copy) isn’t exactly a new feature. Yet it amazes me how often so many people mis-use this feature.

Example 1: 2 Weeks Ago

I was contacted by someone wanting to drum up votes for his Arthur Guinness project. He sent an email to literally everyone he knows, without using BCC – so we could all see each other’s email addresses. In this case, I”d be a bit dubious about the others on the list.

  • How does he know them?
  • Does he know them at all?
  • Are they reputable?

Or is there anyone likely to go and nick the whole list of recipients for their own dodgy purposes?

When I went back to him very politely:

email marketing use bcc


His response was priceless in its not caring attitude:

Im not very tech savvy. I’ll make sure not to do it again.

I posted on Twitter and it got a few RT’s and mentions, showing that this is not just an issue happening to me in my life!

BCC Field email marketing

Example 2: Last Week

I made a few intro’s for someone who really should know better.  One of them wasn’t a direct intro, it was more me doing some fact finding but I wanted  the person I was helping out to know the initial contact had been made, so I BCC’ed them.

What did they do?

They contacted the person, saying ‘thanks Maryrose for the intro’ thus making me look an ass.

Example 3: Today (Granby Park)

I received an email from the person who is looking after the rewards for funders of the recently funded Fundit campaign for Granby Park.  Overall, the tone of these emails is dramatically different to the tone of the comms on the Fundit page (and I’m not talking better!).  But guess what they did?

They’ve only gone and send their latest email to everyone who funded, without using BCC. Now that is a clear violation of privacy.  If you chose to fund privately on the Fundit page (I did not), you have now not funded privately!

Don’t get me wrong – I think everything that Upstart (the people behind Granby Park) is doing is brilliant and they are to be commended, but when yo put so much effort into being super nice before you get the funding, we know you have it in you to continue to do so, just try and show you care.

I am sharing these three examples to show how prevalent the mis-use of BCC is.   It’s ongoing, annoying, and amazing that such a basic feature of email is misused or abused by so many.  It’s not as if you can even outsource your basic email sends to someone else to do it for you!

People: please stop and think before you hit send on the next email that is going out to more than 1.


Image credit: Family MWR

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