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Brightspark has been creating and disseminating great digital content since 2003. Whether it’s a gorgeous new website, or a social media strategy that fits your target market and budget, Brightspark will deliver. With skills and experience to help you shape your message online, it’s no surprise that we are the longest established digital marketing company in Ireland.   Find out more about content marketing Ireland.

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    new twitter design 2014
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    Free User Testing

    Check out this free tool that lets you user test up to 3 properties a month.

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    meatpack hijack

    Now That’s What I Call Marketing!

    Meatpack in Guatemala  - you rock!  This is how marketing should always be done! The perfect mix of technology and marketing to deliver sales!   Sourced from Zone and Rick

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    A New brand of marketing by scott brinker

    A New Brand Of Marketing

    The most inspiring analysis of where Marketing is at. A must-read for anyone interested in Marketing.

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    post heartbleed world
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    social media case study ireland
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    add logo linkedin
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    social media keynote speaker ireland

    Social Media Speaker

    Here's me in action at the Maxol Retailer's Conference talking Social Media for Local Businesses.

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    Facebook Day Testing

    You think you know your audience? They are family people, wholesome and nice, so you'd think that early morning posts at the weekend work right? Find out how to test

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    How I Broke Twitter

    How a trial of a laser guided weapon for finding followers on Twitter caused mass destruction.

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    seth godin digital marketing course

    Seth Godin for $19!

    Seth Godin skillshare course to help people become better marketers. Think differently and deeply about doing marketing that works, that starts with making something worth talking about.

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    Review of #DMXDublin 2014

    My take on #dmxdublin 2014. Overall a very enjoyable digital marketing conference. Mainly highs, a few lows.

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    demise of organic reach ogilvy

    My Take On Facebook Zero

    Organic reach is down 49% across Facebook Pages. My take on Ogilvy's Facebook Zero paper.

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    Post Production Dublin

    Collaborated with Heidi on this Wordpress theme for a Dublin post production company.

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    ecommerce event dublin

    Ecommerce Event Dublin

    One day ecommerce event about ecommerce strategy, innovation and technical implementation. Dublin

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    Another One Bites The Dust

    Email today to say Yahoo! has acquired Vizify.If I may be so bold as to answer that question myself: it means that Vizify is going to become crap.

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    Digital Marketing Mentor

    Mentoring for startups, ready to come to market, with a weak spot in marketing. Or those who have a marketing person and need some help on strategy.

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    industrial automation websites

    Making Industrial Automation Sexy

    2014 is a great year for colour and the scrolling home page with extremely pared down text continues to dominate. Bringing some glamour to industrial automation websites.

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