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Brightspark has been creating and disseminating great digital content since 2003. Whether it’s a gorgeous new website, or a social media strategy that fits your target market and budget, Brightspark will deliver. With skills and experience to help you shape your message online, it’s no surprise that we are the longest established digital marketing company in Ireland.   Find out more about content marketing Ireland.

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    3 Steps To B2B Content Marketing Success

    1.  It all has to begin with buyer persona’s Who are you marketing to?  What are their painpoints?  How do you solve them? Why do they come to you?  How

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    vint cerf

    Most Beautiful Place On The Net

    Thanks to @netguru for sharing in their rather brilliant newsletter (which I love!) – here’s a collection of the most beautiful layouts, and UX’s on the web.  Enjoy!

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    focus group teens tweens ireland

    Focus Group Research

    Getting started on focus group research amongst Irish teens and tweens.

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    teens social media usage

    A Thorough Analysis Of Gen Z

    They are drawn to social media the self destructs. They suffer from Fear Of Missing Out. When you read this, you'll have respect.

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    dating app
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    facebook marketing ireland
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    mary meeker 2014 netflix
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    getty images
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    free getty images

    Getty Images Are Free

    No more need to use hideous looking stock shots on your blog or site.

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    Best Blog Of An SME Finalist

    Yay, I came home from holiday to find out that this blog has made it into the finals of the 2014 awards!  Hope to see you all there next Thursday.

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    Twitter Cards
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    best blog sockies 2014

    Best Blog Of An SME

    Woop Woop! Brightspark blog a semi finalist in the Sockies best blog category.

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    social media intern dublin

    Looking For A Social Media Intern

    You will learn loads. You will be given responsibility quickly. You will have full support and direction. Looking for a good break?

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    paypal spam
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    twitter ads case study ireland
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    local authority finances

    New Site: Local Authority Finances

    Some interesting fodder for doorstep conversations with Local Election candidates here.   Find out how the Local Authorities spend their money, or is that "our" money?

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    new twitter design 2014
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    Free User Testing

    Check out this free tool that lets you user test up to 3 properties a month.